HEARTBREAKING: 10-Year-Old Takes Her Own Life After Bullying Video

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Parents, a school and a whole community are now being forced to deal with an issue that led up to the death of fifth grade student. A 10-year-old girl from Colorado committed suicide after seeing a video of herself being bullied posted on a popular social media app.

According to Fox 31, Ashawnty Davis, a fifth-grader at Sunrise Elementary in Aurora, Co., hung herself after a video was posted online of her being bullied. The video was posted on the video social network app Musical.ly, and she died Wednesday after spending some time on life support.

“She was just a child of joy and she brought joy to everyone,” explained father Anthony Davis. “She got into her first ever fight.”

The child of Anthony Davis and Latoshia Harris was usually joyful until October when she got into a fight with another girl at her school.

The fight was recorded and shows Ashwanty fighting another girl as a group of kids look on.

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Her mother believes her daughter was confronting her bully. “I saw my daughter was scared,” explained Harris.

“She was devastated when she found out that it had made it to Musical.ly,” Davis explained.

Just two weeks after the video was posted, Ashwanty went home and hung herself in her closet. She spent two weeks in the Children’s Hospital on life support before dying on Wednesday, November 29, 2017.

“It was just devastating,” expressed her father.

Calling their daughter a victim of “bullycide,” Ashawnty’s parents said they want to make more parents aware of cases where children take their own lives due to bullying.

“Bullycide” is a common term used to describe bullying that causes suicide. Ashwanty’s parents believe that she was a victim of this are are using her death to raise awareness.

“We have to stop it and we have to stop it within our kids,” said Davis. Harris added, “I want other parents to know that it’s happening. That was my baby and I love my baby and I just want mothers to listen.”

(Photo credit: KDVR.com)

Bullycide is clearly a serious issue. There are several different reasons that ultimately can lead to bullycide including:

– Being constantly physically and emotionally bullied
– Experiencing constant physical and emotional pain
– Having to continually relive an embarrassing moment over and over that is regularly brought up peers as a method of torment
– Being the victim of bullying by an authority figure like a parent, teacher, coach or other adult
– When the victim of bullying has no other friends to rely on for support or encouragement while being bullied regularly

Because bullying is at the root of the problem when it comes to these ever-to-frequent cases of bullycide, the best way to take preventative measures is to work on stopping children and teens from being bullied. It is important to realize that the big, mean boy or girl on the playground isn’t the only type of bully anymore. There are many types of bullies from boys, girls, teens of all ages to adults in authority positions. Cyberbullying also makes it easier for children and teens to bully one another. Bullying has also been found to be a growing trend among…