Are your shoes FIT for your workout?

Shop-a-holics are familiar with the mantra, “you can never have too many shoes.” While this belief might not be the best for your wallet, it might be the answer to improving your workouts and preventing injury.

Many gym-goers purchase one pair of shoes for all of their workouts, whether they run on some days, walk the treadmill and then lift weight heavyweights on others. But, this habit can be holding you back from seeing the best results from your workouts, and it can make your workouts downright dangerous if your footwear isn’t up for the challenge.

If you like to mix up your workouts, try to purchase shoes that can stand the variety. For instance, long distance runs require shoes with supportive soles, while boxing shoes have almost no support at all.

Check out these tips for picking the right shoes for each of your workouts. You don’t have to buy a different pair for each class you take, but you should have more than one option to protect your legs from unnecessary wear and tear.

Distance Running: if you take a look at distance runners shoes, they aren’t usually