Bishop T.D. Jakes On 37 Years Of Marriage: How An Accident Brought Them Closer

T.D. Jakes is known all around the world as the founder and lead pastor of a 30,000-person mega-church, The Potter’s House, a sought-after speaker, a counsel to presidents, a movie producer and a best-selling author. But before all the fame, awards and accolades, Bishop Jakes was a young man with a vision at a church in West Virginia.

That’s where he met his wife, Serita, whom he married in 1982. Now, over three and a half decades and five grown children later, the two are still together — traveling the country, sharing the Gospel and serving communities through various humanitarian projects.

Their union is a strong one, but it hasn’t always been warm and fuzzy. Just six months into their marriage, Bishop Jakes and Serita survived a horrific car crash that left Serita with severe leg and foot injuries. Doctors weren’t sure she would ever walk again. Throughout her recovery, Bishop Jakes was by her side, and now they both view it as a blessing in disguise.

“I think it enriched our marriage in a lot of ways,” he says. “But it was very difficult to go through.”

“I prayed for her, I took care of her, I cooked for her, I washed her hair, I taught her how to walk — literally,” Bishop told the Huffington Post. “[I] stood in front of her and said, ‘You can do this,’ and taught her to walk again,” he said proudly.

Eventually, Serita made a full recovery. The whole ordeal, both believe, only made their bond even stronger.

“It brought us together,” Bishop Jakes says. “We have an unexplainable connection… I guess, at the core, we’re friends.”

Today, celebrating their 36th wedding anniversary, Bishop Jakes shares this heartfelt message on his social media.

“Thirty-six years ago today, I made a public decision before about 600 people to take this woman to be my lawfully wedded wife! Neither of us had any idea what we would face, but we stepped to the edge of the pool and about 45 minutes later we dived into a life that’s been filled with miracles and mayhem, majesty and mystery. Fast-forward and I do mean fast – we are still swimming! In spite of galing winds and rip-tide currents, we are still submerged in the waters of life and love! Today is our wedding anniversary and I wanted to publicly express a thank you to my rib, who has often been my backbone and never ceased being a loyal “ride or die” soul mate!”

“Happy Anniversary to the classiest, most graceful mixture of leather and lace I ever wore in the pool! There’s nothing as beautiful as love in all of its forms! And, with nothing to sustain us but that love, it still looks great on you!”


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