3 Natural Remedies For Hyperpigmentation

I’m about 7 months pregnant, and one of the things I’ve seen people discuss in online pregnancy forums is hyperpigmentation. But please know that it’s not just an issue that pregnant women deal with. Hyperpigmentation, as shared by draxe.com is defined as “darkening of the skin and discoloration, usually due to higher than normal levels of melanin”. Because melanin is a key component of this skin issue, it tends to strike Black people/people of color.

Stylecraze let me know that sunlight, allergic reactions, and sketchy hair removal creams can be sources of skin discoloration. Rapper Azealia Banks has also called out the birth control shot depo-provera as a cause for a “severe breakout” (which can be the precursor to hyperpigmentation). From my experiences with scars leaving my skin uneven, I can say that it can affect self-esteem. There have been days where I dressed differently or felt uncomfortable after scars were pointed out.

The popular method of bleaching is not only toxic (literally), it can make your skin even lighter than it was originally. Plus, the ingredients are generally unnatural. Bleaching’s appeal is directly correlated to the little amount of time it can take to be effective. But, bleaching is not safe and it is not the only route to putting an end to hyperpigmentation.

There are natural ways to heal the skin and allow it to return to its natural color. In this piece, I’ll address three distinct methods that can help clear up skin discoloration.

Diet – Theclearskinessentials says that by lessening the amount of