The TRX Workout for Your Back, Arms, and Abs (VIDEO)

Have you seen those funny looking straps hanging from the ceiling of your gym and wondered what they’re for? Are they some type of harness? Are you supposed to swing from them? Or maybe you know they’re meant for exercise but you’ve been too intimidated to step up and try them out?

Now, you can stop passing up this equipment and start to reap all the rewards of the TRX. Sharita Jennings, trainer and creator has put together a complete upper body workout that you can do with the TRX bands. They are nothing to be afraid of, especially because you can adjust every move to suit your fitness or strength level.

Want to take it easy? Just stand upright (or pretty close to upright). Want to push your limits? Lean away from the TRX to create more resistance with the same piece of equipment. That’s really all it takes.

In this video, Sharita demonstrates some of the classic TRX moves that you can try without any supervision or instructional manuals. Try each move for 30 seconds each, then repeat for 3 rounds. If you want more of a challenge, step it up to 1 minute per exercise.

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