The Right Fit: Personal Training Online vs In Person

Personal trainers are somewhat like magicians. They can make fat disappear, and make muscles hurt and appear out of nowhere! Of course, working with personal trainers take a little bit more than magic, it takes discipline, sweat, and sometimes tears, but when you’ve found the right trainer, the whole process isn’t all that bad.

Not too long ago, you had to join a big gym to even find a personal trainer. And on top of your membership fees, you had to pay your trainer a weekly or monthly premium for that one on one attention. But times have changed. Now you can’t log into Facebook without seeing an ad for another personal trainer. You can find a trainer any and everywhere. In the gym, at your apartment building, at the community center, your local parks, and recently, even online.

You Might Need an Online Trainer if . . .
Online personal trainers may not be right for everyone, and vice versa. As the client, you have to be a person who is comfortable using technology, hopping on the phone and staying on top of texts and emails. Otherwise, it will be nearly impossible for your trainer to stay in contact and keep you on track with your training program.

In addition, before you go with an online trainer, make sure that you’re ok with