Let’s Stop Encouraging Struggle Love

For the purpose of this article, “struggle love” is referring to a relationship where one partner experiences long term stress as a result of the other partner’s actions or inactions during their relationship. Examples of struggle love include cheaters in monogamous relationships, people who ghost and return when they choose only to ghost again, and any other relationship where one partner is waiting for the other partner to choose to respect and honor their relationship.

Rasheeda Frost is the poster child for struggle love. Tiny Harris is another great example. We know now via 4:44 that Beyonce served her time in struggle love as well.

“I seen the innocence leave your eyes
I still mourn this death and
I apologize for all the stillborns ’cause I wasn’t present
Your body wouldn’t accept it”

-Jay Z

I imagine women of all races experience some level of struggle love. However, in the black community, it sometimes

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