Way of Jay Fitness: “My Strength Is Determination”

Online fitness coach Jay Buchanan Jr, better known as “Way of Jay Fitness” on Instagram is the real deal. He has had 11 years of experience in the world of diet and weight loss/fitness training. He has definitely been the talk of many people on social media with this cut body and tireless work ethic. But he also humble. That’s why when we received a number of emails encouraging us to feature this man, we knew we had to let him shine.

According to his facebook page, Jay’s mission is to improve the quality of a healthy lifestyle. He improves his client’s lifestyle through innovation, essential fitness training, and being a nutritional instructor. He dedicates his time and effort to increase and build their muscle strength, core strength, and overall health and fitness levels.

Here are some of his tips in his own words:

“I’ve had great sessions and bad sessions dealing with actions and a mindset change. The thing is that progress was still made even on the bad days.”

“We all have different strengths in life that we can use to make an impact on people in the world.”

“My strength is ⏩DETERMINATION⏪!! When I put my mind to something I always get it done by implementing these 3 tips!

1️⃣ Not allowing myself to feel like life is a race or comparing myself to others.
2️⃣ Being realistic when things go wrong and when good things happen.
3️⃣ Understanding that everything takes time and patience.

“Each and every tip written above I had to go through different versions of myself.”

“The version where I had a plan and did everything right but didn’t get the outcome I wanted. Which helped me overcome roadblocks and understanding there is more to life.”

“The version of me thinking I needed to catch up or that I lost time while pursuing a different path but it taught me how important this life I have now and getting here has helped me appreciate it more.

“The version where I wanted quick results when it comes to knowing who you are, your purpose and passion instead I allowed myself to find something I love and with time it was built for me.”

“I am now my “VERSION” I have grown through it all, all these events, emotions and expectations has strengthened me to…

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