4 Exercises You Should Do Right Before Bed

Who doesn’t want a super-fast metabolism that lasts all day?

There are tons of great benefits to getting a great workout in the morning, but an evening sweat session is just as effective.

There is a common misconception that exercising before going to bed is not good. Yes, vigorous exercises that will tire you out are bad because they increase your heart rate, activate your brain, and raise your body temperature, making it difficult for you to go to sleep.

But, certain less vigorous exercises will help you unwind. Low-intensity yoga is one such exercise, and it is perfect to practice before going to bed. Some yoga poses combat restlessness and insomnia and help you sleep better. Check them out!

4-Minute No-Sweat Workout

How it works: Repeat this sequence twice.

20 seconds of elbow plank
20 seconds of

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