What’s Your Comfort Zone? Creating Healthy Boundaries

“You are invading my personal space.”

Do you remember saying this as a child? Perhaps, you still say it as an adult. Personal space is often thought of as both a literal and figurative boundary. It is one that we use to shield and protect ourselves from others; some may even refer to it as one’s comfort zone.

Whether it relates to your personal or professional life, having clear boundaries is actually healthy. Dr. Abigail Brenner states that “a healthy relationship requires the space to be yourself, to maintain your personal integrity. Most people will respect your boundaries when you explain what they are and will expect that you will do the same for them; it’s a two-way street.”

With the proliferation of social media, for many of us, the notion of boundaries has shifted. What may have been deemed as being too much information a decade ago is now considered normal. For years, I worked with people and never met their families. Now, with one click, I can see pictures of their

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