Ladies, These 4 Myths Are Ruining Your Sex Life!

We are all wired with sexual desires. It is part of being human. Despite this, Black women are often super conservative when it comes to sex. So conservative that we sometimes feel uncomfortable exploring and enjoying our sexuality.

Many times, this is related to some inaccurate, strongly held belief that we have picked up along the way. As a psychiatrist, I am amazed at the false ideas that people have about sex and intimacy. Below are just a few things that I have heard frequently:

1. Black Women Don’t _________ 

You can fill in the blank on this one with oral sex to anal sex, and everything in between. Somewhere along the way, a lot of us were taught that these were activities that Black women just didn’t engage in with our partners. As a result, we have set these very firm rules for sex with no consideration of what our desires are. If you

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