Does The G-Spot Really Exist? Experts Weigh In

The conversation around the G-spot began nearly 80 years ago when German gynecologist Ernest Grafenberg published a paper describing an “erotic zone.” The paper went on to explain that the “front wall of the vagina”  can lead to intense orgasms when stimulated and can sometimes even cause ejaculation.

This area was formally identified as the G-spot in honor of Grafenberg’s analysis and ever since the concept has really solidified itself as a hot, controversial topic in culture.

For the most part, the existence of the G-spot is a forgone conclusion and sex experts have long provided education around its stimulation.

Among some sex researchers, however, the concept of the G-spot has been a point of debate for many years. While some scientists have gone as far as to say that they have physical proof of the area, others have deemed the G-spot as nothing more than a myth. In light of this, some researchers have referred to the G-spot as a “gynecological UFO,” meaning there have been many possible encounters, but its actual existence is still up in the air.

A recent study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine aimed to put this controversy to rest by providing one of the

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