5 Tips To Help You Beat The Bloat During The Holidays

Most of us wait all year for the holidays. After all, it’s the most wonderful time of the year full of family, gifts, and wonderful food. Unfortunately, along with rich meals comes bloating, constipation, and extreme discomfort. Mainly, this comes after consuming things that leave your gut imbalanced. It may arrive early or late, but once it’s there, it may not leave until you make the changes necessary to promote a happy, healthy gut.

Fear not! You don’t have to sit out your aunt’s famous cooking this season to avoid an expanded waistline. Keep reading for our most valuable tips for gut bliss during the holidays and beyond.

1. Limit Dairy Intake 

If you experience gas and constipation after consuming dairy, try coconut milk or nut-based milk as a delicious alternative.

Dairy is usually a culprit of inflammation and consequent bloating. This comes as no surprise since

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