6 Powerful Things You Can Do For Someone Grieving This Holiday

While most people are looking to connecting with family and friends, others are bracing themselves for the waves of sadness that grieving a loved one during the holidays can bring. There are small but mighty ways you can show support for those who are dealing with loss and grief. Here are 6 ways to show you care this holiday season:

1. Inquire About Their Current State, But Don’t Feel Obligated To Fix Them

A person dealing with grief can often feel stagnant. Understandably, they may be struggling to move beyond their loss while watching others go on with normal activities. To connect, you can say, ‘I’ve been thinking about you. How have you been feeling since the loss of XX?’ 

Once they’ve shared, keep it at ‘I hear you’ or simply offer a hug and let them know they can talk about it anytime they want. Giving them space to talk freely goes a long way, especially when you do it without believing we have to take their pain away or do anything to fix it. It can be extremely relieving for them.

2. Share Words Of Encouragement

Whether you’re far away from your grieving loved one or they just want to be alone, a quick note can