Guess Which Brand Wants Your Old Plastic?

Dove celebrated a shift to 100% recycled plastic bottles with an installation at Grand Central’s Vanderbilt Hall on Friday, January 31st, inviting passersby to exchange used plastic for a complimentary Dove Body Wash.

What’s better than a brand that makes us look and feel amazing? One that cares about the planet and shows it! On Friday 1/31, Global beauty brand Dove collected more than 2,000 plastic items for recycling from women and men who visited the Dove “Proud of What We’re Made Of” installation in Grand Central Terminal’s Vanderbilt Hall

The initiative celebrated the brand’s shift to 100% recycled plastic bottles across Dove, Dove Men+Care, and Baby Dove. As a result of this commitment, Dove’s annual use of virgin plastic will be reduced by 20,500 tons globally. Friday’s experience invited each passerby to insert a used plastic item and automatically retrieve a complimentary Dove Body Wash in the brand’s new packaging.

This was in now way a small feat, in fact, the installation wass HUGE (12ft tall, 15ft wide). It was built with as many recyclable materials as possible, and was powered sustainably. The plastic waste collected from participants during the event was recycled or disposed of properly following the event.

You’re probably wondering, “how’d this all work, anyway?” Well, participants simply approached the installation, and placed their used plastic item(s) into the deposit area. Once the item(s) were received, guests enjoyed a brilliant light show starting at the deposit area, continuing around the full perimeter of the Dove bird and landing at the right side, where they received their bottle of Dove Body Wash.