6 Easy Ways To Live Longer

black and green tea(BlackDoctor.org) — While it’s been estimated that the number of African Americans seeing riper, older ages will increase by 102 percent by 2020, the black community still continues to have a lower life expectancy rate than the overall population.

According to the National Vital Statistics Reports, African American life expectancy is 70.2 years, compared to an average of 76.5 years for all other population groups.  The difference in life expectancy is even more striking among African American men, who have a life expectancy of only 66.1 years, compared to the national average of 73.6 years for all other men. So, we still have some work to do!

Advances in health, education and disease prevention and treatments are the main reasons for these improvements in our life expectancy rates, and there are many little everyday (translation: easy) things you can do that will further improve longevity.