6 Ways To Get Better Sleep

Smiling African American couple in bedWaking up on the wrong side of the bed is a drag. It alters your mood, reduces your performance in daily activities and affects your health. Getting a good night’s rest is hard to come by for some people. Watching back to back episodes of Sportscenter and eating your favorite comfort food won’t always put you to sleep and keep you in REM. Allow me to put you up on game about the top do’s and dont’s of sleeping better.

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1. Get a Schedule

Humans are creatures of habit. Your body’s internal clock wants to be regulated by a set pattern that it will follow each night. For instance, remember when you were in school and had a bedtime? This nightly routine kept you yawning around the same time and waking up naturally at a certain time all the same. When your schedule gets thrown off and your’re now going to bed two hours after your normal time then insomnia or poor sleep can occur. Do you best to stick to regular times for going to bed and waking up.

2. No Slumber Saturdays

I know it’s the weekend, but you don’t want to differentiate to far from your regular weekday schedule on Saturday and Sunday. If you want to catch some extra zzzzs on the weekend, schedule a nap. But don’t sleep too long (see the next tip for why).

3. Nap or No Nap

This is a serious growth area for me because I’ll drop into a deep REM real quick just to savor the peaceful enjoyment of