7 Ways Drinking More Water Can Make Your Body Better

We all know that drinking plenty of water throughout the day is good for us, but sometimes we just need a friendly reminder as to why it’s so good for our bodies. If you need something to motivate you to drink more water, this list is just for you! Try to get between 60-100 ounces a day (more if you have a hard workout day) to get the most benefits.

1. Water Curbs Cravings

Water is a magical concoction that is calorie-free but powerful enough to make you feel full. Your brain is wired to send you signals to feed and hydrate it. However, you may not always be able to tell the difference.

Drinking water when you have a food craving can help you beat those craving most of the time. The next time you want something sweet or salty, grab a bottle of water first and then reassess. Chances are, your body just wanted some H20 love.

2. Water Can Make Promote Weight Loss

This may sound too good to be true, but drinking adequate amounts of water can actually help you look leaner because water can help to reduce inflammation and