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People often disassociate sex from fitness, but the two  are more closely related than one would think.  In fact, fitness directly affects sexual performance by helping to build the core muscles that are primarily used during sex.  When performing , some couples find themselves tapping out of the game early due to feeling sluggish, tired or worn out within 10 minutes of activity.  If you want to enhance your sexual stamina, it’s time to step up your fitness routine! Use these staple exercises to tone up your body and refresh your sex life!

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Strong glutes aren’t just important for aiding in walking, standing and sitting.  In hands and knees positions, having strong glutes are essential for holding the position and cushioning the force behind thrusting.  Wide-legged squats, hop squats, assisted squats and dead man lifts are all great exercises to perform for building these muscles.


Yoga Stretches

Various missionary and female-dominant positions require flexibility within the legs and hips, and practicing various yoga poses will help with extending those necessary muscles that are engaged.  Downward dog, child’s pose, warrior pose and others that help with stretching the hip flexors are great for extending flexibility in the legs and back. There are several apps available on the Google market or iTunes that can help you learn simple yoga poses, and taking a class as a couple is an even better option. The key thing to remember is to breathe while stretching to get the maximum effect.


If there’s a body part that takes the main stage during physical activity, it would be the thighs. Lunges help to build the quads and hamstring muscles not only giving the legs a smooth and fuller appearance, but also making them strong enough to sustain and hold the body up in sex positions that require the flexing of thigh muscles.  Cowgirl, wide-legged missionary positions and any positions that require squatting all benefit from developed thigh muscles.  Doing 20 lunges down and 20 lunges back to start for a total of 4 sets will give your legs the workout they need.


Cardio is essential for keeping the heart healthy and building stamina to maintain proper breathing and bodily function during high performance activities.  When sex is performed rigorously, the heart rate is raised to help pump blood to the organs necessary for sexual arousal.  Performing 15-20 minutes of high intensity cardio daily will help with extending sexual experiences and facilitate in proper breathing during sex.


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