Say It With Your Chest! 3 Best Ways To Communicate Nonverbally

standWithin the first six seconds of meeting you and shaking your hand, the average person has already formed an opinion about you. Similarly, when you begin speak, let’s say in a group for example, your audience takes that six seconds to size you up and develop their first impressions. Often, before you even speak your first word, the audience has already made up their minds about you.

Since your nonverbal communication (your face and body signals) are so important to making a first impression, here are three ways to show you mean business without saying a word.

I. Stand like Wonder Woman
Ever notice how often Bey stands with her hands on her hips and feet are usually always shoulder width? We don’t think it is by accident. Here’s why: Research shows that standing tall with your chest out and hands on your hips can make you feel bolder. In fact, in a Ted Talk social psychologist Amy Cuddy noted that holding this pose for just two minutes can boost your levels of testosterone and lower your levels cortisol, and that these hormonal change can configure your brain to be assertive, confident, and comfortable.

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It’s like saying “Boom, here I am” without saying it.

II. Hands Up Or To The Side

Your hands should never be in front of your clasped together. The puts you in a subservient position. And oftentimes it involves wringing your hands together in nervousness. It’s okay to be nervous sometimes, but that particular movement takes the focus off of you, what you’re trying to say and/or convey because the audience is busy looking at the distracting repeated motions.

Portrait of a young African American man standing with legs crossed over gray background

(Non-verbal stance says he is weak and waiting instruction instead of giving instruction)

For people who store their belongings in pockets, DON’T. Well, try to store as little as possible. With keys and loose change in a pocket, moving around can cause you to jingle and jangle; the noise is annoying and makes the audience lose focus on your message. This becomes an even louder problem if you store your hands in you pockets and play with the loud items yourself. A quick suggestion: Take everything out of your pockets before your…