Can You Live Well With Heart Failure (Video)


You can have heart failure and still maintain a good life. In that particular case you probably need to take a diuretic; a fluid pill to remove the excess fluid. You may have to take medicines to lower the blood pressure. There are medicines called ace inhibitors and Angiotensin Receptor Blockers that block the constriction in the blood vessels and allow the blood vessels to have the fluids circulate.

There are beta blockers, they slow the heart because when you’re in heart failure you don’t want the heart beating rapidly, it makes the heart work more. So you want to slow the heart so it can be more sufficient. Especially, people of African descent, there’s a medication and I did some research on it with others that combine a vasodilator known as Isosorbide dinitrate Hydralazine and I apologize for the big doctor names but that particular medicine has been shown to be life-saving in persons with heart failure.

So there are things we can do, but the main thing that I would like to know would be what you’re doing to prevent heart failure because even when we treat it, we can’t reproduce the vigorous life that we had when we were younger.