Don’t Diss Him Based On His Paycheck

( — What woman hasn’t dreamed of, or at least heavily entertained, the idea of marrying a man rolling in cash? Glamorous vacations, fancy dinners, and shopping sprees is the stuff movies are made of; and maybe that’s where these dreams should stay.

Of course, dating a man with money comes with perks, but it also comes with its share of headaches and heartaches. And for the average person during these times, there are fewer rich guys to go around. More women than men are graduating from college these days, so women are increasingly marrying guys with less education and income than they have themselves, according to a report released by the Pew Research Center. Also, fewer women have suffered job loss due to recession compared to men. So don’t write him off right away if his bank account isn’t big. Scientists believe men who make less money come with certain advantages.

He’s More Likely to Be Faithful

When Tiger Woods apologized, he implied that he felt entitled by his success to have affairs. He’s not alone. Research shows that wealthy men tend to be hypocrites when it comes to cheating.  Also, if he believes you depend on him, he’s less likely to feel remorseful about his transgressions.

He’ll Charm Your Friends and Family… Genuinely

Low-and middle-income men are more polite than wealthy guys when they meet new people, according to the journal Psychological Science. When study authors watched rich and poor guys get acquainted with strangers, the less well-off men talked and laughed more and made more eye contact than the rich, who exhibited rude behavior such as fidgeting, ignoring others and paying too much attention to their own appearance.  Subconsciously, rich men may not believe they need to make connections with people as a survival skill because they have money, said Dacher Keltner, Ph.D., author of Born to Be Good.

He’ll Support Your Ambitions

Research published in the Journal of Applied Psychology says that successful men can be more sexist than their lesser-paid counterparts. This is likely because they’re usually alpha males who feel it’s a “man’s duty” to provide, says Beth Livingston, Ph.D., an assistant professor of human resources at Cornell University. On the other hand, poorer men are often more supportive of their partners’ careers and aspirations. Couples who encourage each other to fulfill their dreams tend to be happier.

Sex Will Sizzle

A guy with lighter pockets will try to give you in bed what he can’t buy you with money, said Bethany Marshall, Ph. D., author of Deal Breakers. A good man, rich or poor, will try to use all of his resources to keep the woman he loves.  If he can’t wine and dine you, he might find other ways to express his love, and that includes in the bedroom.  Well, that’s the theory at least.

The bottom line is that love shouldn’t cost a thing. Whether you fall for a rich man or a poor man, it’s what’s inside that counts — and we don’t mean inside his wallet.

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