Finding Balance To End Suicide

there is a direct relationship between our quality of life and our state of mind.

When our quality of life is diminished for any reason, we are all at more risk of suffering emotionally, mentally, and physically.

Our nation is burdened with a culture and a way of life that is more detrimental to us in many ways than we care to acknowledge publicly. But we shouldn’t run from the truth because acknowledgment will empower us to make changes.

Our daily emotional states are often controlled by our own egos, which is why some of us struggle more than others with maintaining our mental health. When our jobs, titles, positions, and status become our primary focus, the center of our world, and the core of who we think we are, we fail to develop a strong and secure sense of identity and self.

Our ability to envision and adapt to a different mindset heavily depends on how receptive we are two different concepts of what successful and accomplished looks like.

Today more and more of us work much harder than we truly have to for more and more possessions and more and more achievements, to fulfill the pride of our ego. We are descendants of a people who were living in a time where certain levels of work were absolutely necessary. However, today more and