4 Ways To De-Bloat At Breakfast


A good weekend is full of fun, food, cocktails and treats, but waking up on Monday feeling like a hot air balloon is not something any of us look forward to. Though the thought of eating more may make you sick to your stomach, a few simple foods at breakfast may be the solution you were looking for.

1. The Right Fluids

There is nothing like the right hydration when you are bloated. Coconut water, peppermint tea and kombucha, are all fluids that reduce inflammation. In other words, if you have belly bloat try them! As an additive, you can toss in some chia seeds to speed up the de-bloating process. Doing this daily will also give you some extra energy!

2. Tropical Fruit

Did you know that both papaya and pineapple are great for your digestive system? Eat a few fresh slices at breakfast, or make a smoothie. Either way it will be refreshing and you tummy will thank you later!

3. Vegetables

Counteracting a sodium binge or a long night out that includes lots of alcoholic drinks is best battled with hydration. Water rich veggies such as tomatoes or bell peppers are another great option for ridding yourself of the bloat. A morning veggie frittata will do your taste buds and belly bloat some justice.

4. Whole Grains
Instead of a sugary box of cereal, why not opt for a healthier de-bloater like quinoa. For extra credit, mix it with probiotic-rich yogurt. YUM!