Here’s How “The Gathering Spot” Is Changing Atlanta’s Professional Scene (Video)

I’m the CEO and co-founder of the gathering spot. Uh, I do a lot of different things here, but am mostly responsible for the strategic vision and business development, marketing and the business at the core of the gathering spots or private membership club. And I do it because I really and passionate about bringing people together. Our whole idea here at the gathering spot is that people need to connect in different ways.

The gathering spot was started in my apartment. I was a law student in Washington DC and I really couldn’t see myself being an attorney day to day. After work with a lot of community organizations and really having a need for space where coffee shops and restaurants just aren’t great spaces for youth to have consistent meetings. And it’s socially only being around people that were in my industry. I was really looking for places that I could connect with the full spectrum of what the city had to offer.

I couldn’t find it. And so, this business at its early days was about trying to solve a workspace problem and to try to solve a community problem. Um, over time as we continued the conversation, we settled on creating a private club where we, we put the restaurant co-working and event space together. So, one of my favorite parts about my job is I don’t really have a traditional day. I’m on the road a good bit trying to develop new clubs.

And so, we’re going to expand to two markets next year. But when I’m here, I’m working with our marketing and events teams. I’m interacting with numbers. I’m helping to build out new programs that are, um, our team is building anything business development or helping the company grow as my job. What drives me to succeed is that community that we have here, the members and our team day to day. I really believe in the opportunity that we have with this business and want to do my best to try to make sure that we protected and honor the all the entrepreneurs that have come before us that really put us in a good position to be able to scale and grow with the company.