Hold Up, I Can Be In The Gym TOO MUCH?

Do you know someone who likes to hit the gym seven days a week, even making time for two-a-days? Admirable, right? Sure.

Visiting the gym every day of the week and working your hardest shows dedication, but it can also lead you to overtrain. Yes, overtraining is a real thing. When a person trains too much, without giving the body adequate recovery time, the body can plateau and performance can decrease while the chance of injury increases.

When submerging yourself into an active lifestyle, it’s absolutely necessary to give the body time to regenerate. Muscles are meant to break down, but also to rebuild. Overtraining actually places chronic stress on the body and its effects are just as great as not exercising at all. So in this case, less can actually be more. If you’re experiencing any of the below indications of overtraining then it may be time to prioritize a regeneration routine.

Common signs of Overtraining

1. Has your body stopped improving, even with all of that hard work your putting in? You’ve plateaued.

This is one of the most common indications of overtraining. You’re constantly ripping