Jamie Foxx's Top 3 Things He Had To Unlearn

jamie foxxEric Marlon Bishop, better known to us as the 48-year-old Academy Award winning Jamie Foxx, looks better than ever, with amazing muscle tone and rock-hard abs and arms.

In a recent interview he mentioned about having a “youthful” attitude in everything he does.  He admittedly likes to have fun and enjoys squeezing every minute out of life.  With “grown-up” responsibilities like a daughter, movie releases, album deadlines, etc. staying youthful can be difficult, but here’s how Mr. Foxx keeps feeling (and looking young).

First it starts off with family. Even down to his younger sister Deondre who has Down’s Syndrome. The two partnered together to raise nearly 3 million dollars for Down’s Syndrome and continue to do it today.

sister deondre

Jamie Foxx’s sister Deondra

“With DeOndra, we let her jump in the water and swim a little bit, so to speak. Our family just treats her like DeOndra. She goes everywhere we go. She’s usually the life of the party! I attribute a lot of that to my mother. She was the one who was making sure DeOndra went to school and got to be involved in all the activities. She always said, ‘Get out there and do your thing! Go to school, play, have fun — there’s nothing different about you!’”

But Jamie learned early on, that as you move through Hollywood, sometimes it’s not the things you learn, but the things that you Un-learn that help you the most. Here’s his top three:

Unlearn That You Have To Join The Crowd

Jamie’s motto is “If you can’t beat them…beat them at something else”. Foxx’s breakthrough role was in the American football film Any Given Sunday. You could say it was daunting: “I got into the movie and there’s Al Pacino, Cameron Diaz…” he says. “The one thing I had on my side was I played football. I knew more about it than them. I relied on that.” Don’t compete on others’ terms; play to your strengths.

Unlearn Taking Everybody With You On Your Journey

Growing wiser with age isn’t simply a matter of taking things onboard – it’s also about letting go the things that are no longer valuable. “Here’s what you’re going to unlearn now,” Foxx says, referring to the next phase of his career. “You have to pull yourself away from the media – not be so shiny in the next 10 years, because it…