Lab-Grown Meat, Is It In Your Future?

Scientist Holding Raw Artificial Grown Meat In Laboratory Test Tube

In the 21st century, we have numerous options for nourishment.  We can choose to be a vegan or a carnivore, or somewhere in between.

Those who choose to be a carnivore have always thought their options were restricted to chicken, beef, pork, seafood or wild game.  Up until recently, those choices were raised on farms, caught in waters, or ran wild in nature.  But not anymore. Get ready for the new way to get your meat…from a lab!

Lab-grown meat is in development and coming to a grocer near you.  Several companies such as Memphis Meats, JUST and MosaMeat are key players in what’s called tissue engineering.  These start-ups have created the technology to take tissue from an animal or fish and grow consumable meat without the impact on the environment and ethical issues that come along with traditional meat production.