LisaRaye: Fit, Fine & 50+!

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Chicago native, LisaRaye McCoy, has never been one to shy away from a challenge. After all, she went from model to actress to producer to business owner. But now, LisaRaye, 52, has embarked on a new challenge: her body, in more ways than one.

LisaRaye’s transformation goes into the spiritual realm as well.  In August 2014, the actress shared that she got baptized in her home (pictured on page 2) which gave her a new found desire to give and rededicate her life to something bigger than herself. As you may remember, LisaRaye was also a celebrity who came out years ago stating she decided to be celibate for her own reasons. Clean body, inside and out. Way to go Lisa!

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LisaRaye’s healthier lifestyle includes undergoing a very drastic body transformation.

“You’re only as a good as your support team,” LisaRaye says. “There are so many temptations out here and I’m a foodie. I’ve had those quick things of fasting and other supplements and other workout routines that I’ve tried over the past years and I was like, lets try a whole together package: having the product, having the supplement, having vitamins, having a workout routine, being able to balance healthy eating with that and so for the first time I’m actually putting that combination together and making it one.”

“I tend to go up and down [in weight], but that’s not good for my body, LisaRaye explains. “The more I educate myself about the weight loss process, the more I learn that I figure out works for me. Which means staying at a size that works for TV and for me.”

LisaRaye also added that while she’s on the set of a show or movie, she usually has “absolutely no time to work out.”

“I’ve lost muscle mass just sitting around filming and having my whole life revolve around the show.”

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But, this is how LisaRaye found her solution: