Meet John Mgbemena: “With God All Things Are Possible”

(Photo credit: @johnmgbemena instagram)

Model John Mgbemena is definitely one to watch. So much so, that he’s been recommended for different fashion campaigns and even recommended to us as one to feature. He genuine nature and infectious smile make it easy for people to like him.

“Before I was accepted to Georgia State University, I challenged myself to do something uncomfortable when I begin my college career. During my freshman year at Georgia State University, as a biology major, after taking a chemistry quiz a month in the semester, I happen to make my way to the dining hall and met a fellow peer of mines, who let me know that today was the last day for the casting call for the Georgia State African Student Association production. After eating, we went together to the casting, I did not know Georgia States ASA production was just a Fashion Show. It was something I never did before, but before college, I remembered telling myself that I will challenge myself. It was like seven guys in my audition group, we had to walk in a certain direction. Unafraid during the moment, I did my first walk.”

“It was the beginning of everything (modeling, acting, etc.). The African Student Association Fashion Show introduced me to infinite appeal/panthers allure (GSU organization) in which in turn introduced me to participating in tons of Fashion shows in Atlanta, New York, Miami, and Cali. Being apart of various Magazines and tons of commercials. Nonetheless, That moment introduced me to acting as well. I have appeared in tons of music video, tv shows, and Movies. Being apart of the ASA Fashion Show at Georgia State impacted my life on a grand scale. It influenced me to form habits of consistently working out, discipline, challenging myself, and taking risks. Also, it leveled up my confidence level to a greater degree. This is the primary reason for how I got myself to where I am at currently today. If I never went to the casting and was not apart of GSU ASA Fashion Show I probably wouldn’t have been doing or even have had the courage to be doing what I am currently doing today”