Miriam Carey: We May Never Know What Really Happened

Miriam Carey“Shots Fired at Capitol Hill” was stamped boldly on the TV screen yesterday and immediately I felt something wasn’t quite right. I sat frozen at my desk, typing away at the details of the attack on Capitol Hill.

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At first, all we knew was that there were shots fired and they were heard around the Hart Sen. Building. Then little by little, we were fed more details. Fingers crossed, I hoped the person wasn’t Black. A few more details later, there was a car chase, starting from a crash into the White House barricade, striking officers and ending near the Capitol, where the suspect was shot and killed. There was a child in the car, Miriam’s one-year-old daughter, Erica. Again, something doesn’t feel quite right.

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A few more details later, it’s a woman, then a mother, then finally, a Black woman. Ouch. Maybe I’m partial, but now I am convinced, this just ain’t right. I am an admitted conspiracy theorist and I instantly felt this was what many career theorists call a “False Flag.”

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My two theories on this are either Miriam is causing a national distraction from the government shutdown or exciting a riot based on the government shutdown’s effects to the American people. I know, these both sound off-the-wall, but most conspiracy theories are.

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Carey’s former boss, Barry Weiss of Advanced Periodontics in Hamden, CT has called her “hot tempered,” and claims that Miriam suffered a head injury that landed her in the hospital, where she found out she was pregnant. Carey was then fired from Advanced Periodontics because of her sour attitude, right after giving birth to her daughter. These issues may have piled on to Carey’s shoulders, fueling her postpartum.

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The authorities are blaming Carey’s actions on postpartum depression. I am no expert in this topic, nor do I know the full extent of its effects, but we’ve all heard the awful stories ending in children being drowned, burned or beaten to death at the hands of a postpartum suffering mother.Carey’s mother, Idella Carey told ABC News, “She had postpartum depression after having the baby [last August]. A few months later, she got sick. She was depressed. She was hospitalized.”

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