Mothers, Are You Talking To Your Daughters About Fibroids?

If you are not talking about fibroids with your daughter, you could be condemning her to a lifetime of ignorance and fibroid dominance

There are many articles out there about treating fibroids but I struggle to find relevant content to raise awareness in young women. A lot of articles deal with “after the fact” when a diagnosis is confirmed. What about the millions of women who don’t have fibroids or show little to no symptoms?

In this article, I’ll strip away all the fluff on fibroid treatment and stick with what will help you, as a mother, to start the conversations that can help stop fibroids dominating your daughter’s lives.

It is no secret that uterine fibroids now dominate a lot of women’s lives. In fact, studies show that fibroids develop more frequently in women of African origin.

One study found that, by age 50, 70 percent of whites and 80 percent of African Americans had fibroids.

As a young girl, I knew nothing about fibroids and neither did