Moves The Whole Family Can Enjoy: Fitness with Toddlers (VIDEO)

The fitness industry has progressed so much that it now includes gyms and studios that solely target the youth. One google search will lead you to many options for children of any age. Of course, starting your health and wellness journey is encouraged at any stage of life, but when you start young it becomes part of who you are.

One of my closest friends is a mother of twins and during one of my visits home, I really wanted to get a workout session in with all three of them. I programmed this elaborate workout for us, which was designed to use the twins as load and to lead them through movements that I thought would be interesting for us all. I hadn’t realized that nothing about my workout was going to be interesting to Kirsa’s twins, Lia and Laila.

Toddlers have a bunch of energy and they’re usually naturally active, but do require guidance, especially if you are hoping they continue to seek out wellness in the future. It’s recommended that children get at least 30 minutes of structured activity and at least one hour of free play each day.

Depending on age and ability, your child will have a certain level of motor skills and it’s important to keep these skills in mind when planning and encouraging physical activity.

Toddlers will be able to