Moving On: Learning To Trust Again After A Bad Relationship

If you’ve experienced betrayal in a previous relationship, learning to trust again can be a process. For many, the natural reaction is to protect their heart from experiencing pain again.

Sure, guarding your heart would protect you from people who could harm you. However, you could also push away people who could love you. There has to be a healthy balance of protection and vulnerability.

Healthy relationships require a great degree of trust. If you want to increase your chances of success in your next relationship, work on your challenges with trust while you’re single. If you’ve experienced betrayal from a past relationship, I’ve listed 4 steps to help you learn to trust again.

Forgive yourself – In order to trust your decision making, you’ll need to forgive yourself for making bad decisions in the past. Maybe you chose a bad partner. Perhaps you ignored the signs.

You’re human. Remember that. You’ve learned from