Taraji P. Henson: “When Women Stick Together, We Will Change The World” [VIDEO]

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Actress Taraji P. Henson seems to be doing it all nowadays. She’s a star on the hit show “Empire”, won awards for her roles in a number of movies, and received critical acclaim in the film “Hidden Figures.”

In the early 2000’s when many assumed Henson was being inundated with exciting job offers, she says her phone was dead for a long time. But then she got a call from Tyler Perry. Perry cast her as the lead of 2009’s I Can Do Bad All by Myself, an $8 million film that opened at No. 1 and ultimately grossed $51 million. Then, in 2010, she starred in the blockbuster remake of The Karate Kid. In 2011, another film came and TV show and then she got nominated for an Oscar after that and the success kept coming.

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But unlike many Hollywood actors who have become successful, Taraji still has a heart for those in and out of business.

Henson is known for getting into her roles, putting her heart into each role so it comes across authentic and real on screen. That heart came out when she speaks on her new film and why she’s so passionate about women.

Hidden Figures, is the true story of African American women mathematicians working for NASA to help launch the space program. The movie highlights three women in particular who came together to literally help get the first man on the moon.

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Taraji gets emotional when she shares why this film is so important.

“I think what’s the most beautiful element of this film, is that we’re talking about a time when there was jut that ONE job for that one special person or minority. But you see women coming together and support one another…”

“When we stick together and come together, look what these women were able to accomplish.

“Women gotta understand: we work better together!”

“[In the film] If Mary hated on Katherine, would she be in space? The power of women sticking together, we will change the world — WE WILL! And until we get that together, we are going nowhere.”