My Story: “Here We Go Again”


Being a single mother often entails working hard every day to make miracles happen.  From taking care of children to running around from one scheduled activity to another, many single moms wake up every day thinking “here we go again, girl!”

Nakia Cooper knows this first-hand.

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Nakia is the senior digital media producer of an award-winning website for a Houston television news station. She works around the clock to keep audiences “in the know” via social media.  Nakia is also a blogger, delivering everything hard news, entertainment, lifestyle, relationships and health and fitness on

So, how exactly does this super mom tackle her day? Here’s what Nakia had to say…

“Growing up, I had always been referred to as ‘Skinny Minnie’ or ’90 lbs. soaking wet.’  But thanks to two high-risk pregnancies and borderline gestational diabetes during each one, I don’t think anyone will ever call me either of those again!

After packing on the pounds, I was dazed and confused, not knowing how to get rid of the weight because I never had to work out before.  When my daughter was 7 months old, I wandered into a neighborhood gym and met Jennifer Winters, a four-time pro figure champion and personal trainer who took one look at me and figured I needed help – ASAP!

Do you know the first thing she made me do?  JUMPING JACKS!  I hadn’t done any of those since grade school and I tell you, they left me panting and calling for the Almighty at the same time.

We don’t focus on the fancy stuff. We stick to old-fashioned pure blood, sweat and tears.  We run, jump, skip, hoola-hoop and anything to keep me warmed up between strength, resistance, core and weight training.  Due to my heavy schedule, I can only make it to her twice a week and in between I count calories and only eat My Fit Foods while I am at work.  It is so easy for to pack on the pounds snacking on the high-calorie junk foods at the desk, which is suicide to the waistline. I reward myself with “cheat meals” only after I reach my weekly or monthly goal.

Another little trick – I clinch my glutes while I am working and driving.  Trust me, it keeps the backside nice and firm!  I’m no longer a size 2. I am a size 12. But I am firm, fabulous and love every inch of my curvaceousness!”

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