Neighborhood Unites To Open Fresh Food Grocery Store

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Talk about creating the change you want to see. A North Carolina neighborhood literally put their money where their mouth is and came together to open their very own grocery store after 15 years of being without one.

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Residents of their portion of this northeast Greensboro, North Carolina neighborhood used to buy their groceries from a local Winn-Dixie. But in 1998, despite being profitable, the store in the primarily black and lower-income community closed down due to the company re-positioning itself across the Southeast, according to Yes Magazine. The City of Greensboro said they attempted to find another grocery store willing to open in the area, but had no luck.

Residents figured they would have to take matters into their own hands if they wanted a reliable source of food. In 2012, community members and leaders gathered  to form the Renaissance Co-op Committee (RCC). According to the store’s webpage, the RCC dedicated themselves to learning the details of opening and maintaining a cooperative grocery store.


In 2013, the RCC elected its Board of Directors for what would become the Renaissance Community Co-op.

The aim of the community-owned store is to provide Greensboro with “healthy foods at affordable prices and [commit to] locally sourced foods, community education and dignified jobs,” the store’s webpage reads.

The co-op is serious about being committed to providing its workers with a livable wage. They are starting their employees out with a wage of $10 per hour.

The store is projected to open its doors officially in 2015, but for now, they are preparing for that day with community meetings and newsletters. They are also taking donations and seeking those interested in becoming co-owners.

For more information on their progress, click here.


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