Add These Black-Owned Statement Tees To Your Christmas List

  • Tees in the Trap “Black History Year”

    Specializing in current trendy phrases on everything from t-shirts to coffee mugs, Tees in the Trap uses their apparel and accessories to highlight hip-hop, pop culture and everyday life from a woman’s perspective.

  • Hello Tee “Extraordinary and Black”

    Creating t-shirts and home goods with the “woke” woman in mind, Hello Tee is a Black-owned and woman-operated business that has t-shirts on lock with what’s described on their site as “unapologetically true statements,” placed on every item from t-shirts to coffee mugs.

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  • HERthreads "Salute the Queens"

    Are you a fan of the Solange & Erykah & Lauryn & Aaliyah t-shirt, too? After seeing this shirt everywhere on social media, I was drawn to their site specifically for the ‘Salute the Queens Tee,” but easily wanted so many others such as this one and this one. Owned by two sisters from Los Angeles, HERthreads intertwines their love for hip-hop music and spreading positivity amongst women through their ‘Queen Movement,’ which is all about empowering and uplifting each other.

  • Free Breakfast Apparel “The Outsiders (Unknow. Undo.)”

    This culturally conscious clothing line is all about providing fashionable clothing pieces that will enlighten and empower those who wear them. Free Breakfast Apparel aims to spark conversation discussing some of the less talked about aspects of American history all while creating goals that lead to job creation, charitable giving and community outreach.

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  • HGC Apparel “Black by Popular Demand”

    HGC Apparel’s vision is simple - revive one of the dopest era’s of our time by bringing back the  popular 90s fashion- color blocking, baggy sweatshirts and bright and flashy colors - all while empowering one another with nostalgic Black pride statements that promotes unity and consciousness within our community.

  • Dope on Arrival NYC - “Black. No Sugar No Cream”

    Based out of Brooklyn, NY, Dope on Arrival NYC creates fashion inspired by founder B. (Imani) Johnson’s love of New York City, 90s culture, and social awareness. DOANYC ’s apparel evokes conversation with classic and relevant statements.

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  • Melanin Apparel “Power”

    As if the plethora of dope and inspiring unisex tees aren’t enough, Melanin Apparel focuses on brining pride back to the Black community by encouraging all people of the African diaspora to  celebrate our cultural differences while highlighting the beauty and power of melanin.

  • The Very Black Project “Black Out Tee”

    Created by Andrè Singleton and Justin Fulton, The Very Black Project designed this simple shirt to inspire individuals to unapologetically practice self-love and celebrate blackness as well as encouraging individuals to be themselves.

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  • Power in Black “I’m Rooting For Everybody Black”

    Power in Black prides itself in being a movement created to help our community recognize that if we work together, there is Power in Black.

  • Philadelphia Printworks “Gentrification”

    Founded in 2010, Philadelphia Printworks offers thought-provoking apparel that highlights social justice and activism. Check out another one of my favorites from from Philadelphia Printworks here!

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Black buying power currently sits at $1.3 trillion and according to this Nielsen Report, it’s expected to increase to a record $1.5 trillion by 2021. With so much money stemming from the Black community annually, why not keep it flowing through the community and support Black-owned businesses? This Christmas, spend your hard-earned money on gifts that will not only impact our community, but will also uplift and keep each other covered – literally – with some of the best authentic and inspiring tees from the following Black-owned apparel companies.


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