Finding Thanks When You Don’t Feel Thankful

young woman sadThe season of gratitude can be difficult for those who feel they have little to be thankful for.  As we approach Thanksgiving those suffering from frequent episodes of depressed mood and anxiety may find it difficult to have an attitude of gratitude.

The spirit of Thanksgiving is rooted in celebration of personal good fortune, but if you do not feel fortunate, symptoms of depression can develop or worsen.  Here are three ways to give thanks when you are not feeling especially thankful:

  • Look beyond yourself: Take a moment to survey the people around you. This includes family, friends, neighbors, coworkers and acquaintances. Who did something kind or considerate for you during the year?  What about the service providers in your life? Doctors, nurses, counselors, teachers, brokers, etc. often provide information and resources that have benefits both personally and financially.  When searching for reasons to be thankful, expand your frame of reference to include various types of people and relationships.