Men: 5 Ways To Keep A Happy Home After The Baby

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Pregnancy is no easy task and it can take a lot away from the woman over the course of  nine month. The actual  birthing process is intense and creating a person is an amazing feat that not only deserves a celebration but gestures of appreciation.  It’s not often that we hear about fathers showing new mothers their appreciation for bringing their children into the world, but there is an old custom of gift giving to the mother after the childbirth that is still practiced by some couples today.  Birthing gifts, or push presents, are a great way to increase bonding between couples and to maintain a healthy relationship.  If you’re expecting and want to show your appreciation to your significant other after childbirth, here are five great ideas.

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1. Give mommy a day off.

A new mother will be with her child every single hour of each day to create a bond and to ensure the proper growth of him/her.  To show appreciation for this hardworking mother, give her one day of baby free duties and take over for the day. If you can’t do a full day, even a few hours would be a welcomed gift.


2. Plan a pamper day.

What better way to show your appreciation than to send your love to a place where she can become centered in spirit and truly rest after childbirth.  Set up a day for relaxation at a day spa for the new mother or plan for a staycation for one at a hotel that has in-room spa services. Plan a day that will leave her feeling relaxed and nourished.

3. Give her a grand gift.

Give her that ring she has had her eye on for a while or that car that she can’t stop talking about. Whatever your budget is, plan to surprise her with a grand gift as your token of appreciation.

4. Send her on a vacation.

Vacations away from home allow one to escape the responsibilities of everyday life and indulge in the energy of a new place without stress or worry of what’s happening at home.  Surprise her with a vacation to a warm destination that encourages relaxation.  She will thank you later!

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 5. Take over the housework.

There is nothing that says “I appreciate you” more than a man taking over the housework.  To take a load off of her plate, take over the domestic duties every few days.  Watching and feeding the baby while caring for herself and having to care for the home puts a lot of stress on a new mother, so lend an extra helping hand around the house to show your appreciation. Give her more time to focus on keeping herself together for the baby.


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