Ready To Quit Smoking? Find A Class To Help You

Despite more attempts, blacks are less successful at quitting smoking than white and Hispanic cigarette smokers. This could possibly be due to lower utilization, knowledge or access to cessation treatments such as counseling and medication.

If you’re looking to quit and need assistance, it’s important to educate yourself on your options. There are all kinds of smoking cessation groups out there, from free sessions in church basements to tailored on-the-job programs in corporate conference rooms, in styles ranging from wide-open discussions to somber-toned 12-step programs.

Some, like the Kaiser Permanente program, have a revolving clientele, with beginners trading anecdotes with veterans.

You can find classes through your local hospital, public health department, or church or call your doctor for a referral to classes. The American Lung Association has a free online smoking cessation program that you can join through their website,

When you do find a class, you’d do well to investigate it before signing up, according to 7 Steps to a Smoke-Free Life, a book published by the American Lung Association to help people stop smoking. Here are some good