Remembering Barry White: Lessons From The Love Doctor

(Photo by Paul Harris/Getty Images)

(Photo by Paul Harris/Getty Images)

His voice was unmistakeable. His intention was undeniable. When you would hear one of Barry Eugene Carter’s songs, better known to us and Barry White, you knew love was in the air. White spent over 40 years singing and writing love songs, selling over 100 millions albums for generations to enjoy until his death in 2003.

“I’m a servant by nature,” says White. “I give you inspiration for your romantic evening. That’s why my songs are so long. If I create one that I think you might like, I want to make sure you get enough of it so you don’t have to keep playing over all the time.”

“My childhood was very naughty,” admits White. “Drugs, gang banger, fighting. I was in jail. But as you get older you learn that you must put away childish things and that’s what Barry White did.”

According to a 1987 interview, Barry was talking to his mother and thats when everything changed, literally. “I was 14 years old and in my mother’s room talking to my mother. My voice started to rattle and shake and she looked and me and I looked and her and she smiled and said ‘aww, my baby has become a man.’ And the very next day my facial hair started to grow and the rest is history.”

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Known for being the catalyst of love, the Love Buddha or the hundreds other nicknames given to Barry White, here’s a few tips he has for those wanting to make a love connection.

Set the Mood
When you want to set the mood, a romantic song is a must. Play one of Barry’s personal favorite songs and watch the sparks fly:
“Never Gonna Give You Up”
“My First, My Last, My Everything”
“Can’t Get Enough of Your Love, Babe”
“Practice What You Preach”
“Sho You Right”
“It’s Ecstasy When You Lay Down Next to Me”

The Way to His Heart

What does Barry suggest when romance is on the menu? Very small portions of a
few foods you know your lover likes. On his grocery shopping list:

– lobster, hors d’oeuvres style
– salad of assorted baby greens, lightly seasoned with olive oil and vinegar
– assortment of bread and butter
– assortment of raw vegetables
– strawberries dipped in chocolate

Get His Attention
For Barry, a woman is most attractive when she is “well-spoken, intelligent and stylish — without being flashy” and doesn’t overdo the perfume. But, he says, all men are different. “Not every man is looking for the same thing in a woman.”

Another aspect of Barry’s life that we can learn from is his death. White was overweight for most of his adult life—weighing 375 pounds and suffered from related health problems. In October 1995, he was admitted to a hospital as a result of high blood pressure. In August 1999, White was forced to cancel approximately a month’s worth of tour dates owing to exhaustion, high blood pressure, and a hectic schedule. In September 2002, he was hospitalized with kidney failure attributed to chronic diabetes mellitus and high blood pressure.

While undergoing dialysis and awaiting a kidney transplant in May 2003, he suffered a severe stroke, which forced him to retire from public life. At around 9:30 a.m. PST on July 4, 2003, 29 years to the day that he married his wife, White died at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles at the age of 58. His remains were cremated, and the ashes were scattered by his family off the California coast.

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