My Story: “The Only Thing That Cured My Sinuses…”

woman nose close up

We all know how bothersome a runny nose can be. You constantly have to blow your nose, your sense of smell is off and it can a pain, literally. Can you imagine having a runny nose for nearly 20 years?

Well, for more than 18 years, Nadia Campbell had no sense of taste or smell and lived with terrible sinus pain. Even after seeing five specialists and undergoing three surgeries, the 38-year-old said in a recent ABC News story she was still left with a runny nose that just kept on running, literally all night.

“Every day there was a problem,” said Campbell. “I had a dry mouth from breathing through my mouth and constant headaches.” Not to mention the amount of sleep she lost because of staying up each night to nurse her nose.

That all changed after doctors at Loyola University Health in Maywood, Illinois, diagnosed her with Samter’s triad, a newly recognized medical condition involving a combination of nasal polyps, asthma and a sensitivity to aspirin.

The most common symptoms of Samter’s triad is rhinitis, or inflammation or irritation of the inner lining of the nose. Rhinitis is symptomized by sneezing, runny nose, or congestion. Asthma, nasal polyps, and aspirin sensitivity generally follow as the disorder progresses.
A reaction to aspirin or ibuprofen can include severe asthma attacks and other reactions that may leave the patient unable to breathe. Alcohol may induce the same reaction. Samter’s triad affects an estimated 10 percent of people with asthma.

“My patients typically come in carrying a thick folder of medical records because they have tried for a long time to find a cure for their illness,” said Dr. Monica Patadia, the board-certified head and neck surgeon who treated Campbell.

More than 37 million Americans have at least one sinus problem a year, according to the…