Allergy Relief Starts In The Bedroom

woman sleeping well

Autumn is beautiful, but the change of seasons may be a nightmare on your allergies. This fall, help prevent the nuisance of hay fever and other allergies during they day by going to bed earlier at night.

Going to bed before midnight leads to fewer allergy symptoms, according to a new study reported by Woman’s World.

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In the study of over 84,000 participants, researchers found that those who fell asleep before midnight  – no matter how many actual hours of sleep they had – experienced less wheezing, itchy eyes and the like than those who fell asleep after the magic hour.

If you’re prone to staying up late worrying or working, the stress could be triggering your allergies the next day. Falling asleep before midnight helps to relieve stress by allowing your body to enter deeper stages of sleep. Studies show that getting high quality sleep and not just quantity is key for maintaining overall health.


In addition to getting to bed earlier, also consider these tips for a more allergy-relieving night of sleep:

  • Try a nasal rinse before bed
  • Take a warm shower before bed using eucalyptus oil
  • Wash sheets and bedding in hot water weekly
  • Use allergy-proof mattress and pillow covers


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