Spring Break: Top Destinations Black Students Are Booking Their Tickets To

Image: Unsplash

We all love some fun in the sun. Spring Break is the kick-off point to an amazing time filled with friends, music, and sun-filled days. However, the recipe for enjoying your time is making sure you pick the right place!

Let’s be real no one wants to be stuck partying to music they’re not into or around people who just aren’t catching their vibe. Over the years, black students have taken the vacation period into their own hands and have created spaces and places that are literally “the place to be”.

Does Urban Spring Break, Black Beach Week, and Black Spring Break ring a bell?

Taking heed to their wave, venues and festivals have started to pop up with headliners we all love with all-inclusive festivities we can all enjoy.

Check out these top destinations black students are booking their tickets to, to get their party on for Spring Break this year:

Kingston, Jamaica

Jamaica on any given month is beautiful, but