The “Seat At The Table” Is Rickety: Blackness In Corporate Spaces

I have been doing a lot of reflection on what 2019 meant to me. Decisions I made, the people I surrounded myself with, moments when I should have told so-and-so where to take their kite and fly it, right swipes that should have been left…you know typical Millennial Drake induced feelings.


I’ve used this reflection to provide clarity for who and what I want to be in this next coming decade, and overall, I am satisfied with the woman that I am chasing after. However, when panning out and looking at the wider scope of the impact my life has on others, I can’t help but think about the woman I claimed to love- I still hid her in the glaring light of Corporate America. So much so that when I went to see my doctor in August, she was on the verge of prescribing me blood pressure medication- because I was one micro-aggression away from stroking out.

How could this be? Where was this stress coming from? Was I not surrounded by think pieces, diversity orgs, and