The Transformation Of The Game: “Love Is Easier To Spread Than Hate” (VIDEO)

Nowadays, when you think of rappers, with the exception of a small few, most are usually talking about getting women, getting over on people, getting money and getting stuff on their records. But now, rapper The Game is trying to change that in real life. His lyrics give detailed descriptions about what goes down on the blocks of his hometown Compton, L.A., but in a recent video, the game shares how he’s all about showing love to his fellow human being, no matter if they’re black, white, Latino, a police officer. He calls it #TeamLove.

In the video above, The Game says, “I’m Team Love. I’ve got kids, I’ve got a family. I love them and I love you. A lot of times, these days, people are so quick to judge other people, but we are all flawed human beings. But try love and you’ll how much easier it is to spread that than to spread hate.”

And he’s been backing up his words with action. The rapper has been lending his voice and leading the way in finding solutions that will bring fatal police-involved shootings of unarmed Black men and women to an end. Just this week, Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck and rapper The Game appear together in a new public service announcement aimed at curbing violence across the city.

The clip posted online Wednesday appeared just days after Beck showed up at an anti-violence rally for gang members organized by The Game in South LA.

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The video opens with Beck listing grim shooting statistics from last year in Los Angeles. He points out that 80 percent of victims and shooters were young men of color. The Compton-raised rapper says, “We have to stop killing one another.” The chief says, “It’s time to stop the violence.”

rapper the game daughter instagramIn addition to that mission, his attention is also focused on helping mothers. He created a new initiative called, “Yo Mama, My Mama.”

“I figure with all the tragedy, and all the brothers killing brothers, cops killing brothers, brothers killing cops, the one thing that people care about the most around the world is their mothers,” he expressed to TMZ.

Among the good deeds under the new mission was gifting a mother of eight with a month’s worth of groceries. He continues to solicit stories of moms who are in need so he can give to them as well.