Tiara Kristine: Fit For A Goddess

(Photo credit: @tiarakristine instagram)

Chances are, you’ve seen fitness model, entrepreneur and internet sensation, Tiara Kristine somewhere on the internet modeling fitness gear or or on someone’s post about beauty. Her pictures are notorious for showing up all over the web.  In real life, Tiara is originally from the Bay Area in California, but she grew up all over. Her step dad was in the army so she lived everywhere around the world from, Germany, Europe, Washington, Georgia–she was an army brat.

But how she turned into an internet sensation and model is something that came from a simple comment.

(Photo credit: Pinterest)

“I was working and wearing my suits and all the guys would want to stop and stare,” says Kristine. “When I would go out people would stop and stare. I was working a regular job and making like $60,000 a year and it was cool. But I was working 40 hours a week and it sucked.”

“Then I heard someone say instead staring they should, ‘take a picture, it would last longer’ and found out that people would be willing to pay $19.99 a pop to look at and say ‘Okay, I’m doubling what I make in corporate America,’ so you do the math.”

And the rest is history. From there, Tiara created a website and it grew. Tiara’s yoga fit series, nature series, sensual series and waist bead series and products have all been best sellers and she’s been constantly referenced as health and fitness goals.

“In my opinion Health is the state of one’s overall well-being which isn’t necessarily solely determined by how one tends to ‘look,'” explains the beautiful health enthusiastic on her website. “Holistic Well Being includes not just the state of the physical body, but also the mental (psychological), emotional, and spiritual bodies. To me, healthy would be operating in a holistic (whole) state of being experiencing and balancing out all the fluctuating states of Self.”

“To be Healthy is to be able to flow in in all states relative to your own unique being to achieve/bring back/maintain balance. Its being open to a new perspective on ‘healing’ by embracing…