Top Sugar Substitutes

( — You’ve probably encountered this misperception before: people think that since you have diabetes, you can never have sugar again. Or, if you’re trying to lose weight and shed fat, sugar is THE enemy. Sound familiar?

As you probably know, the American Diabetes Association published their latest dietary guidelines, table sugar and other forms of sweeteners (honey, molasses, brown sugar, etc.) can be included as part of a diabetes/weight loss meal plan.

What’s important is that you keep close track of your total grams of carbohydrate every day.

Sugar and Sugar Substitutes in Diabetic Recipes

Sugar. Sugar provides sweetness, tenderness, and color in baking. With most recipes, you can reduce the sugar by at least one-third without changing the taste and texture.

Fruit Juice. Fruit juices and frozen fruit juice concentrates may be used to sweeten baked goods. Since these baked goods are high in carbohydrate, it important to eat these treats in moderation and to count every gram of carbohydrate, not exceeding your recommended total for that meal.