TV Star Rochelle Aytes Talks Real-Life Infidelity

Rochelle Aytes posing at a press eventRochelle Aytes is no stranger to TV having co-starred in several series, including “Dirt” with Courtney Cox and ABC’s hit “Desperate Housewives.”

The New York native recently landed another lead, this time in ABC’s nighttime TV drama “Mistresses,” premiering tonight on ABC. Originally a series on British television, “Mistresses” is about four friends dealing with different forms of infidelity. 

“My character April is a mother and widow who found out her dead husband had a mistress and a child,” Rochelle told Sister 2 Sister.

“I’ve been in a situation with somebody and found out he was cheating, and [he] had been involved with somebody else for years. The infidelity brought me back to a place of hurt and pain,” Rochelle confessed. 

Ever hopeful, she’s still searching for Mr. Right.

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